Access Senior Living manages the needs of its residents through its caregivers who demonstrate compassion, constant care and respect for the residents.

Assistance with showering, dressing, walking, going to the bathroom, eating, or other activities requiring help is perhaps really the heart of what we offer our residents. There is round-the-clock care that simply cannot be given on a consistent basis by family members or even hired-in home care or personal service workers. Our homes offer its residents assisted living, that include basic services such as communal dining, housekeeping of private rooms and administration of medication. In addition, specific care options are offered to residents tailored to the needs of each senior in residence.

Some typical care options offered.

Transfer assistance and mobility assistance. For seniors who may have some form of disability or other problems with mobility, assisted living facilities have trained staff to aid with movement including in-suite and out. Our facility is equipped with wheelchair lift and elevator.

Bathing, Dressing and Incontinence care assistance is dedicated care that is provided for clients requiring assistance. Residents are treated with the dignity by professionally trained care staff.

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